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We are a fully licensed and qualified team dedicated to the removal of friable and non friable asbestos across Adelaide and South Australia

Asbestos Testing

Our asbestos inspection can sample any suspect material on-site to ensure, by NATA-credited laboratory, a correct assessment of your situation. Asbestos testing is a vital part of our service in assisting you in the management and control of asbestos. The reality is that the only certain way to know if a material contains asbestos is by testing it in the lab. Once you have the factual knowledge you can evaluate the best way forward in your particular circumstance. Science provides the clarity necessary to make the right decisions. We can advise you, based on our wide experience in dealing with asbestos across the board. We offer a free quote on our services.

What Does Asbestos Testing Involve?

Our qualified asbestos inspection team will diligently sample, bag, label and transport the necessary material to a NATA-accredited laboratory. There, Polarised Light Microscopy and Scanned Electron Microscopy analysis will be employed to ascertain the fibre composition of the material presented. In addition, we will test the air quality on-site for the presence of asbestos fibres. This testing is carried out prior to any removal or disposal activities. The data found will determine the most appropriate course of action to then be carried out.

What Materials Are Commonly Tested for Asbestos?

It is impossible to rule out conclusively any suspect materials without proper testing. The more commonly tested materials are: fibre cement sheets, corrugated fibre material, vinyl tiles, adhesives, cement conduits, covered cables, asbestos rope, electrical backing boards, bituminous membrane, carpet underlay, caulking, cement moulded products, compressed floor sheets, eaves, fire dampers, fire doors, fire places, flue pipes, fuses, wall panels, imitation brick cladding, insulation boards, lagging, millboard, roofing accessories, sealants, thermal acoustic spray insulation, vent pipes, window putty, woven insulation. There are more than 3, 000 asbestos containing products employed in construction and industry. We can help you assess your risk and the risk to your employees and family from asbestos via testing.

Do You Have Asbestos in Your Home?

If you are not sure whether you may have asbestos in your home or workplace, we offer a testing service. Our competent and qualified testers can assess your risk and determine a safe solution. If your home or workplace tests positive for asbestos we can provide expert advice, quote on removal, and ensure the ongoing health and safety of all concerned. The prevalence of asbestos in Adelaide homes is extremely high and many people are unaware of the potential risks it poses to their health. Together we can do something about it!



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